DUI Evaluations

If You Were Arrested

If you were arrested in Illinois for a DUI, you must get an alcohol and drug evaluation before you are sentenced in court for the DUI offense, or before you are granted driving privileges by the Secretary of State.

Request Evaluation

When you first arrive at the True Heights Treatment to undergo your evaluation, you are required by our licensing agency, The Illinois Department of Human Services, Division of Substance Use, Prevention and Recovery (SUPR), to read a pamphlet, “DUI Processes and Evaluations”, which explains the evaluations' purpose.


It states that the DUI Alcohol and Drug Evaluation Uniform Report takes into account an array of factors: your driving history, chemical test results (e.g. blood alcohol content), an Objective Test score, and an interview with the evaluator for the purpose of obtaining facts about your past and current alcohol and drug use and, possibly, an interview with a significant other.


All of this information is then used to determine the extent of your alcohol and/or drug use to classify you in one of four levels of risk to current or future public safety.


The Risk Levels and related recommendations are: Minimal Risk (10 hours of DUI Risk Education); Moderate Risk (10 hours of DUI Risk Education and 12 hours of Early Intervention); Significant Risk (10 hours of Risk Education and 20 hours of counseling); and, High Risk (75 hours of counseling).


To complete the evaluation, you need to bring to your appointment a copy of the ticket(s) and any related paperwork from your DUI arrest(s), along with a current Court Purposes Driver’s Abstract.


The Driver’s Abstract can be acquired online, picked up at any driver’s license facility, or at the Secretary of State location at 17 North State Street, 10th Floor in Chicago.


If you want your record postal mailed to you, please complete the Driving Record Abstract Request Form and send your payment in the postal mail by personal check or money order payable to the "Illinois Secretary of State". Please allow ten days for processing and mailing.


If you were arrested for DUI in Cook, DuPage or Lake Counties, those courts will require that you complete your DUI alcohol and drug evaluation at a specific program they designate.